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I had tried various kinds of dieting such as keto, intermittent fasting and more, but I could not get a successful result from any of them. Hypnosis helped me almost immediately and it was different because it addressed the reasons behind my overeating.  I have more control over my choice and snack for hunger instead of comfort. Thank you Rina!*

Richard S, WA

I decided to come see Rina because her story was very personal and relatable, as well as my pendulum choosing. After 4 sessions, eating and my body having extra weight are not my primary thoughts anymore. When I'm full, I easily stop eating. My negative self-talk is at an all time low and I know that my positive outlook and eating only when hungry is just going to get better. I feel sure about the changes and know it will just continue to get better. I don't have that backward slide worry this time. Thank you for all of your help. Being able to learn self-hypnosis as well as the regular sessions empowered me!*

Coleen B, WA

I sought help to break my bad habit of eating all the time. My life was centered around when and what I could eat from the moment I woke, all day till I went to sleep. I could never get myself to start a diet or change my routine.


From the very first session, I didn’t think about food anymore. I no longer had an automatic feeling to go through a drive thru or get take out or just eat. I also only eat when I feel hungry-something I never did before. Throughout the rest of the sessions, these new habits were reinforced by addressing the feelings that caused me to seek food in the first place. Now I feel really good about myself and my life ahead of me.


Hypnosis was unique because I have learned why I was in the behavior of constantly eating. I have acknowledged and forgiven the reasons-which have given me calmness, acceptance and love.


My brother told me of his experience with Rina. Seeing how much it impacted and changed him, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. Rina is very sweet, non-judgmental and wants to help you work towards a better life.


I was worried that this therapy wouldn’t work for me, but it did! Not only with my obsessive eating, but also reaffirming my love for God and His love for me. This therapy was so much more than I thought it was going to be. Thank you, Rina.

Christina B, WA

I worked with Rina on a few different issues (confidence and achieving my goal) and she helped me tremendously in overcoming them! She made me feel very comfortable which really helped me to open up and uncover areas in the past that I didn’t even know were hindering me. I would highly recommend working with her for any issue you want to overcome. I won’t hesitate to call her if anything else should arise. Thank you Rina for everything I’m so thankful!*

Deb C, SC

This is my first experience with hypnosis. My goal was quit smoking. After hypnosis, my mind was a lot clearer and it helped me quit smoking. Even after the sessions, my mind stayed clear and had a good feeling. It made my mind happy.*


Working with Rina has been a very refreshing experience. Since my hypnosis sessions, I have been able to accept myself and become more comfortable in my body, also realizing my self worth. Rina has such a genuine and caring spirit that I would look forward every week toward my hypnosis sessions. I am truly grateful.*


I needed a help with my nervousness in public. Rina helped me have more self-confidence with hypnosis. During the session, I felt very relaxed as if I were in the yoga zone.

Rina is a reliableand caring person, so I think I was able to open up my heart and got good results. After receiving the session, I felt it was important to look at myself objectively. I am very grateful to Rina for giving me a good opportunity 😊*


*Results may vary. Hypnosis results will vary from person to person. No individual results should be seen as typical.

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