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My Story "From Guilt to Gratitude"

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Rina Goto-Nance, M.S.

BWRT Level One Registered Practitioner

NGH Certified Hypnotist

Washington State Registered Hypnotherapist

Hello and thank you for visiting my website. My name is Rina. I am originally from Japan. I studied applied science at college and graduate school. After I worked as a scientist for several years, I relocated to the US and had a family. 


Hypnosis is powerful, but it does not work like magic. Within you is the power to change, but some of the power may be difficult to access or you may not be aware of the power.  I can tell you this from personal experience.

For a very long time, I suffered from the feeling of guilt that I had moved so far away from my parents; not being able to be with them or help them. This feeling of guilt became even stronger when my mother had passed away.


I got some relief from some of the support group help I had tried. However, it seemed that the roots of the guilty feelings could not be removed and they started growing again, over and over. 


I heard about the power of hypnosis and decided this could be the answer, so I took the training. There was an overwhelming moment during the training that I could not control my feelings of guilt. I tried to control this feeling at first because I didn't want to become vulnerable in the class. However, when this feeling came back to me for the second time, I didn't resist it anymore. I shared my experience in the class and I was hypnotized by my instructor. This experience metamorphosed my feelings towards my mom from guilt to gratitude. I finally felt the root had been removed.  I am grateful for the experience, otherwise I might still be saddled with the guilt. This is only one example of how I and countless others have been changed at a deeper, more meaningful level.* 

I know how to help you to guide the power inside of you with hypnosis. I am looking forward to talking with you in a free consultation regarding your needs and how I can be of help in the healing process . 

*Results may vary. Hypnosis & BWRTresults will vary from person to person. No individual results should be seen as typical.

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